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Pennsylvania’s BEST Laser Tag Party!

Super Game Laser Tag is a division of Super Game Trailer, LLC.

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to our line of mobile entertainment offerings…Super Game Laser Tag! Our indoor or outdoor laser tag party brings excitement and fun while keeping players active! We set up at your convenience…in your home or preferred location (school, gymnasium, church, office, warehouse, park, etc.)

Super Game Laser Tag uses the high-tech Battle Rifle Pro® Laser Tag system. This fully-featured, advanced Laser Tag system uses a harmless infrared beam, similar to the one used by TV remotes. Our taggers are powerful enough to be used day or night, with an incredibly accurate range of over 300 feet during the day, and 700 feet at night! The taggers are designed to be durable and lightweight, which is important for younger players, but have the high-tech features that older players and adults like as well!

The best laser tag place in Pennsylvania is the one that comes to you! You get all the fun and excitement of laser tag without having to deal with other parties or people at laser tag centers or the pain and mess that comes with paintball. Your event is your own private party, with your own Game Coach/Referee to run the fun! You relax while guests have a BLAST!

Super Game Laser Tag is completely mobile, so we come to you! Imagine how your guests’ faces will light up when they see our custom Laser Tag system arrive…and the field set up and ready for action! We set up the complete course at the location you pick out, inside or out! Your birthday boy or girl will be the envy of all their friends!

Our Laser Tag Party Includes:

A Game Coach/Referee to instruct players & lead the game play

  • 8-10 Battle Rifle Pro® Laser Taggers

  • Hi-Tech Laser Taggers have daytime range over 300′, over 700′ at night! Light weight taggers are easy for players for all ages to handle, yet high-tech enough for older players as well!

  • Laser Receivers (Head Bands) for all players

  • Some cool set up extras to intensify the Laser Tag experience.

We Set Up – We Clean Up – You RELAX!

We can even set up indoors! Conference rooms, gymnasiums…or outdoors in the woods, an open field, a park…even at the beach! A quick lesson from our Game Coach, and it’s time for laser tag!

*Plus any applicable Travel Surcharge. See our Service Area for more. Holiday prices may be higher.

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